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Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Blogger

First of all, I am so excited to have a teaching blog! I recently discovered the endless upon endless teaching blogs out there and have become ADDICTED. Every time I've been on the computer this week, my husband says, "Are you blogging, again?!", in which I reply with a huge smile, "YUP!" I probably wouldn't have created one at this time in the school year if it weren't for being on bedrest. I am 30 weeks pregnant with our first child - A BOY! I've been on bedrest since 21 weeks when I encountered a complication and came really close to losing our baby if we hadn't went in for a sono. Needless to say, we feel as if he is our miracle baby and are overjoyed and anxious to meet him, but hoping it will still be a little while. I'm due at the end of January.
I'm looking forward to the inspiration from all you teacher bloggers, and I hope I'm able to inspire you as well.  Happy Blogging!


  1. I'm your first follower! weeeee!!!!
    Welcome to your new addiction! :)
    I'm pregnant too! I'm 34 weeks - due New Year's Eve! It's our 2nd - another girl! I'm so sorry about your scare - but I'm so glad things are going better for you!! I'm kinda bummed about being out for a few months (though I will LOVE being home with my new baby girl!), and I'll probably go through withdraws from! Congratulations again, and welcome!

  2. Congrats to you! You are getting really close. :) I am 31 weeks and due at the end of January. I've been on bed rest for 9 weeks now. It's been real tough being away.
    Thanks for the comments.