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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Cool Website - Wordie

I was just visiting Crayon Bits and saw this website I've never seen this before and went to check it out. I typed in 1st grade to see what it would look like, and then played around with the randomize button. Pretty neat! It gives me the option to print, but I would like to save it in word so I could use it in a newsletter. Has anyone played around with this before and know how to save?


  1. If you like wordle, you'll LOVE because you get more options for designs - I've put my words into a musical note, a heart, Longhorns, etc. We did an inservice on it at the beginning of school to introduce it to our teachers and give them a chance to play around with it. Fun!


  2. WAY COOL Barbara! I just created a heart with all of my kids names. Very cute.
    May I ask what you use it for? newsletters?

  3. We used them in our inservice by asking the question: What does the year ahead hold for you and your sprouts? Teachers have used them for bulletin boards, for special occasions (Veterans' Day, counselors' week, Mothers' Day cards), for their sparkle words unit. I saw one teacher have kids make them for their writing binders. I mostly used mine for fun - made a heart and said A Counselor's Job Is HEART Work! - to decorate my counseling notes binder.

  4. My latest post has a wordle on it! :)

  5. oh...p.s...I don't know of any way to actually save it to your computer. What you could do is print it, and then scan it and save it as a jpeg and then you could have it on your hard drive.